NRCW News Corp. Launches

In partnership with NRCW TV, NRCW Companies proudly launches NRCW News Corp. It's a new subsidiary and brand new website combining the likeness of many NRCW subsidiaries into one place and we're inviting the public to participate in this nonprofit venture!

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Summer 2013 Update


  • Now Starting at $99.00 per hour! Seek NRCW LLC to provide your live broadcasting solution. A one of a kind company in Cincinnati, OH!
  • NEW FOR 2010 - 2011: High End Production PCs
  • Better quality broadcasting and more professional productions!
  • Contracted for Fall Season!

This division has expanded so dramatically in the past 9 months it has become it's own company!

Live Broadcasting Solutions By NRCW LLC

  • Sports Teams
  • Playoff Games
  • Live Concerts
  • Venues - Live DJs
  • Create Your Own Online Show
  • Live Music
  • Affordable Media Attention

CMYX Djs - Live On Location What does it do? Check out



The Mainstream TV Indusry is Failing

We're here to invent a new age of HD television methodology. With the age of the internet, mainstream cable and OTA (over-the-air) TV stations are struggling hard. The biggest factor playing this game is the price for the brand. ESPN gets about $6 from every customer that has access to ESPN where most other stations will get $0.01 ro $0.25 a month from the consumer. While more people are turning away from TV, we're here to start a new generation of video broadcasting and viewing.

NRCW Seeks to Expand Streaming Technology

As attention grows, we're seeking to expand our services to provide our very own streaming servers for HTML 5 video. Modern video technologies is a passion for us but budget for processing power and bandwidth (data transfer) is currently a limitation of ours.

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