How to Sell News Footage

Item 1: A large number of network stations also get CNN footage. If you sell your footage to CNN first the other co-ops may not be as inclined to buy it since they will not get as much affiliate demand since their affiliates are already getting it from CNN. (This logic applies to NNS as well I assume)

Item 2: You can sell video on a show by show basis. Good Morning America, Today, and WorldNews or whatever. You do not have to sell footage on a network wide basis. For the really right stuff $5,000.00 per show or network is not a crazy number.

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NRCW TV to join SkyWarn


If you live in Cincinnati and want to play an active role in storm spotting, you can too attend this free session provided by the National Weather Service tomorrow night from 7pm till 9pm in Fairfield Township. Click Here



Spring Sports Are Here!

Youth Sports

We're open for business for spring sports with an extra focus on youth sports organizations. Look to NRCW to handle everything from games to creating a cool end of season video from your parents' home footage! Contact us today at (513) 294-VIDEO, that's (513) 294-8433 for generous pricing for registered non profit organizations!

50k to 150k Capital Sought For New TV Van

We're looking for investors to help us expand NRCW TV™. As a one-of-a-kind broadcast company  we see a huge potential in the near future as people's trust in commercial media falls, this is a great opportunity for supporting independent reporting and local sports in Cincinnati. 


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