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We're now booking youth hockey teams at Northland Ice Center for as low as $75 $50 per game!

NRCW Broadcasting brings amazing attention to your team, event, band or venue.
We're great for local venues such as a sports rinks / arenas, local events, musicians, talk show hosts, radio sations (or start your own TV Broadcast) or focus on boosting your revenue. There are many other potentials for live broadcasting over the internet!


Infrared Video Services


Why Choose NRCW TV™ IR Video Services?

Heck if we know, but we offer it!

sima-irWe proudly introduce new infrared video services. Have a project to film in the dark? Want to check out if there's a ghost in your neighborhood or are you a ghost hunter? Want to view light outside the visible spectrum?  NRCW TV™ now offers 1080i HD Full Night Vision with two Sima® IR lighting adapters AND IR-ONLY video services for daylight!


Infrared Videography Applications

You can utilize digital infrared video for all sorts of applications, everything from landscape and wedding videos through medical and forensic purposes. So if you are interested in something new and unique as your project or to a add to your project, then you came to the right place as digital infrared videography is truly beautiful, surreal and very unique.



Additional Services


NRCW TV Extended Capabilities

Full Service Digital Media Communications Production 

High Definition and Standard Definition Production Formats
Complete Script to Screen Production Services Producer / Director Services
Broadcast Network ENG Crew Services Video Production Equipment Rental Services
Script Writing and Transcription Services DVD Authoring and Encoding

Complete Editing and Post-Production Capabilities

Audio Recording and Soundtrack Production
Producing Digital Media and Video Productions Since 1998 Complete Editing and Post-Production Capabilities



We're Content Creators For:

Video News Releases

Conference Support
Television Commercials Fund Raising Campaigns
Promotional Videos ENG / News Coverage
Corporate Overviews Infomercials

Public Relation Campaigns

Audio Recording and Soundtrack Production
Event Coverage Complete Editing and Post-Production Capabilities

Documentary Productions

Television Programming

Employee and Customer Training Videos

News Magazine Programs

Sales and Marketing Productions

Streaming Internet Video

Sports Programs

Trade Show Demonstrations

Music Videos

Reality Television Programs

Employee Communications


Motivational Programs


Additional Services


Consultation Services

We offer consultation services on a complete range of production, operational and technical issues. From single camera film-style productions to multi-camera live and taped events, we specify entire equipment and personnel packages designed to fit any requirements. Call us with your production specifications. We can determine what is right for your project and budget and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Script to Screen Production Services

From concept and script, to production, post-production, duplication and distribution - we supply complete production and project management services.

Video Production Crew Services for ENG, EFP and Production Trucks

R & B Communications offers network quality crew services in many different crafts and in a variety of production disciplines. We provide professional crews for news gathering (ENG), field production (EFP) and all positions of multi-camera truck productions. Our crews are experienced and equipped to travel throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. We have ATA flight approved cases for all gear for safe travel.

Post-Production Editing, Effects & Graphic Design Services

We employ skilled editors and experienced graphic designers that add creativity to every production. Our edit suite is equipped with state-of-the-art post-production tools, hardware and software.

DVD and Media File Authoring and Encoding

We can author just about any digital media file for internet distribution. We supply complete DVD authoring services for a variety of applications including employee training, communications, advertising, public relations, promotions, trade shows demonstrations, etc.

Producer and Director Services

Many years of experience in directing on-camera and voice-over talent and coordinating and scheduling all aspects of productions are put to work with every project we produce. We produce and direct multi-camera productions for a wide variety of live and taped events. Attention to detail and project management is our forte.

Field Producer Services

If your budget or schedule does not allow for on-site producers, we can supply field producers for location productions. We are specialists in getting your interview questions answered in a sound bite format and in providing high quality b-roll footage.

Director of Photography

Over the years, our crews have gained a wealth of experience and skill videotaping in many different environments. We have shot from helicopters, in manufacturing facilities, mining operations, farming and agriculture, natural disasters, sporting events, live surgery and have literally recorded thousands of on-camera interviews. We can shoot a variety of styles - documentary, corporate, news, commercial, reality, training, etc. We work closely with you to achieve your goals and objectives on each and every shoot to capture the very best footage possible.

Lighting Design / Gaffer Services

Quality images start with creative lighting. Lighting design is a combination of art and technology. And we bring years of experience on every shoot. Every scene is examined with a critical eye. Our professional lighting and grip equipment packages make every scene stand out from the ordinary.

Location Audio Recording/Audio Mixer Service

Outstanding images by themselves are not enough. Clear audio is just as important as great lighting and high quality images. We have professional audio packages and years of experience to provide the very best sound recorded on location.

Production Equipment Rental Services

We rent our equipment to producers and other qualified production crews. We can assemble complete production packages or we can supplement your existing gear. Please call us for pricing and availability.

Script Writing Services

We appreciate the written word. Shooting from a script provides direction for the crew and talent and better organizes the production. We offer complete script writing services from concept to completion if your needs require it.

Dolly, Steadicam, Camera Crane and Portable Jib Arm Production Services

If you need the look and feel of a Hollywood production, we have the right equipment to make it happen. These unique production tools provide creative moving shots and enhance the look and quality of any production. Moving shots can make otherwise static scenes look extraordinary.

Teleprompter Services

Portable 15" flat panel LCD teleprompter with laptop computer and qualified operators is available for on-location production. The prompter fits all sizes of cameras from broadcast EFP to mini DV formats. We can import any script file for prompting.

Audio and Video Transcription Services

We partner with a professional transcription service. We can transcribe interviews from both audio and videotape sources with time code reference.

Make-Up and Stylist Services

We always strive to make on-camera talent look their best. We can provide professional make-up and stylist services for any shoot.

Duplication and Distribution

We can duplicate any quantity of DVDs and act as your fulfillment center. We can distribute media files in any popular digital format.



Local Sports Solutions

Local Sports (High School / Amateur) You provide the sportscaster! It can be a parent, professional or a team member - no experience necessary (It's your production - have fun with it)! Starting at $100 for a single game or $50 if you contract for multiple games!

Chroma Key & Green Screen

With higher-end 3CCD cameras, we can provide to optimal live and post-production Chroma Key (Green Screen) solutions for your video broadcasting and production needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to our video production, how to dress for video, what to wear when doing chroma key or men wearing makeup, here you can find the most importan answers to commonly asked questions:

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Our Equipment

cam19We have recently upgraded our equipment in our collection with four new cameras including the Canon XH-A1 3CCD HD (1080P/30) Professional camera for true color and green screen production. We also have the Canon XL1 and XL1a mainly used for live broadcasts due to their age and also the Canon GL1 (all 3CCD).

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