Chroma Key & Green Screen

With higher-end 3CCD cameras, we can provide to optimal live and post-production Chroma Key (Green Screen) solutions for your video broadcasting and production needs.
Color Separation PrismA three-CCD camera is a camera whose imaging system uses three separate charge-coupled devices (CCDs), each one taking a separate measurement of the primary colors, red, green, or blue light. Light coming into the lens is split by a trichroic prism assembly, which directs the appropriate wavelength ranges of light to their respective CCDs. The system is employed by still cameras, telecine systems, professional video cameras and some prosumer video cameras.
Compared to cameras with only one CCD, three-CCD cameras generally provide superior image quality through enhanced resolution and lower noise. By taking separate readings of red, green, and blue values for each pixel, three-CCD cameras achieve much better precision than single-CCD cameras. By contrast, almost all single-CCD cameras use a Bayer filter, which allows them to detect only one-third of the color information for each pixel. The other two-thirds must be interpolated with a demosaicing algorithm to 'fill in the gaps', resulting in a much lower effective resolution.
Our current equipment set can incorporate 4 full 720p 3CCD HD recording cameras at the same time providing solutions for productions (when two cameras are used in a vertical layout). We haven't come across any projects yet that big.
We're not incredibly fancy yet. If you don't mind the budget setup and work ligt rigs, well you've come to the right plance! NRCW TV seeks to produce the same or better-than professional quality productions from a relatively lower-end package of tools.
This is what you can expect from us currently. But, it's also why we charge less!
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