Infrared Video Services


Why Choose NRCW TV™ IR Video Services?

Heck if we know, but we offer it!

sima-irWe proudly introduce new infrared video services. Have a project to film in the dark? Want to check out if there's a ghost in your neighborhood or are you a ghost hunter? Want to view light outside the visible spectrum?  NRCW TV™ now offers 1080i HD Full Night Vision with two Sima® IR lighting adapters AND IR-ONLY video services for daylight!


Infrared Videography Applications

You can utilize digital infrared video for all sorts of applications, everything from landscape and wedding videos through medical and forensic purposes. So if you are interested in something new and unique as your project or to a add to your project, then you came to the right place as digital infrared videography is truly beautiful, surreal and very unique.


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