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Business is what Drew Eppley is all about! To simplify the following paragraphs, we can do or provide anything you can imagine in video, audio and creativity now.

We handle most any type of webcast. NRCW Companies can also help enhance business presentations with live interactions, website developemnt and of course MAPP™ Markting. We offer live and on-demand business webcasting services to audiences of all sizes. For live television events, we can provide broadband multicasting or even run satellite uplink trucks for satellite media tours originating at our partner stations studio or remote locations.

We can set you up with our partner stations real television studio at a discounted rate. We can offer a sound-proof studio, built for TV productions and professional audio recording. All the amenities expected in a broadcast facility, such as multi-camera switched feeds, green screen (chroma-key), lavaliere microphones, IFB (for speaking to on-air talent), teleprompters, scan converters, phone patches and video inserts.

We provide wireless presentation clickers, wired and wireless internet access on additional fiberoptic lines and other amenities geared to our webcast and broadcast clientele. In our home studio we can run 100Mb/s (or more but we haven't though of a reason yet). The apartment / mobile studio has in-house sets and we regularly reant out the TV studio and bring in rental pieces to create a custom look.

We have matched cameras, each with isolated record capabilities that can be used in single, double or three-camera, switched configurations. For our webcasts, we create a customized player that can include PowerPoint slides, your logo and Q&A functionality. Your webcast is available for on-demand replay with our archive capabilities within minutes of the event concluding through partner website (self-hosting is available with NRCW's Dedicated Servers). Audience login reports are automatically generated.

We can provide a turnkey event and one phone call secures everything you need to make your webcast a success! For additional information, call us at 294-VIDEO!


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